Japanese sentences

Hashimemashite (your name) desu. Doozo yoroshiku = Hello, I'm ... . Nice to see you (To someone you havn't met before)

Watashi no onamae wa ... desu = My name is ...

Anata no onamae wa nan desu ka = What's your name?

Watashi wa kookoosei desu = I'm a high school student

Watashi wa sueden/nihon/huransu/irigitsu/doitsu jin desu = I'm swedish/japanese/frence/english/german

Anata wa huransu jin desu ka = Are you frence?
 (Iie chigaimasu= No, I'm not ; Hai, so desu = Yes I am)

Kyoo wa getsu/ka/sui/moku/kin/do/nichi desu = Today it is monday/tuesday/wednesday/thersday/friday/saturday/sunday

Kyoo wa nan yoobi desu ka = What day is it today?

Ima nan ji desu ka = What's the clock?

San ju desu = Three a clock

Japanese numbers; ichi, ni, san, yon, go, roku, nana, hachi, kyuu, juu

Watashi no tanjoo bi wa go getsu yokka desu = My bithday is may 4 (change "go" and "yokka", so it can be your birthday)

Anata no tanjoo bi wa itsu desu ka = When are you born?

Kyoo wa nan nichi desu ka = What date is it today?

And I finish with the Japanese dates and month;

Date = Hi/nichi                           Month = tsuki/gatsu
1. tsuitachi                                    January - ichi gatsu
2. hutsuka                                     February - ni gatsu
3. mikka                                       March - san gatsu
4. yokka                                       April - shi gatsu
5. itsuka                                       May - go gatsu 
6. muika                                       June - roku gatsu
7. nanoka                                     July - shichi gatsu
8. yooka                                       August - hachi gatsu
9. kokonoka                                  September - ku gatsu
10. tooka                                      October - juu gatsu
11. juu ichi nichi                            November - juu ichi gatsu
12. juu ni nichi                              December - juu ni gatsu
13. juu san nichi
14. juu yokka
15. juu go nichi
16. juu roku nichi
17. juu nana nichi / juu shichi nichi
18. juu hachi nichi
19. juu ku nichi
20. hatsuka
21. ni juu ichi nichi
22. ni juu ni nichi
23. ni juu san nichi
24. ni juu yokka
25. ni juu go nichi
26. ni juu roku nichi
27. ni juu nana nichi / ni juu shichi nichi
28. ni juu hachi nichi
29. ni juu ku nichi
30. san juu nichi
31. san juu ichi nichi

Read and learn japanese! In the end you can write sentences like;
Watashi wa yon nen go nihon ni ikimasu
= About four years, I go to Japan,
Watashi wa gozen inu to aurite mori ni ikimasu = In the morning I went out with my dog in the forest,
Watashi wa san ju ni tomodachi no ie ni ikimasu = Three a clock I go to my friends house,
Watashi kinoo shigotoo ni ikimasendeshita = I didn't go to the work yesterday.

Have a nice evening!

A meeting of romance on the brown bridge

The green grass under the cherry blossom tree
Everyone is laughing around the blue see
Small cars are arriving for the yearly spring season
Because everyone have their reason

There's candles every where in town and makes it bright
The threes are more beautiful in the light
Little boats are floating on the water
The mother are laughing with their daughter 

A man and a woman holding hands
In her hair she has two white bands
On the water surface theres a small little midge
A meating of romance on the brown bridge

The dark sky is falling down
The black coulor is around the town
People are going to sleep
And the fathers is counting sheep

A man and a woman holding hands
In her hair she has two white bands
On the water surface theres a small little midge
A meeting of romance on the brown bridge

A japanese spring season in the begining of may
And it's only one single day

A little poem from my heart, a poem that I will experience myself

Have a good evening

Endless love

I am standing on a cliff 2000 meters over ocean
I am looking down and thinking of you
Two years earlier, you went to your second life
My tears are falling down to the surface of ocean

My heart is beating faster
My emotions are spred all over my body
I step forward to the edge and looked down
Held my arms out and felt I was going down

I see your face front of me in my head
And I feel the cold wind on my body
I hear your laugh trough my head
I am falling trough the wind down
My love to you is endless

I am going trough the surface of water
I'm saying to you that I am comming closer
The light over me shows me the melody of ending of life
I'm just waiting for the water has filled my lungs

The figure of you has become clearer
You look troubled of me
I give you the eye that everything's fine
Soon I take my last breath

To be with you

I see your  face front of me in my head
And I feel the cold water around my body
I hear your laugh in my head
I am taking my last breath  for you
My love to you is an endless love

To be with you

Some people is so dramatic that they risk their life to be with the one they love

A text I just had in my head, and I wanted to write it down here...
Have a good evening

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