How Is Your Feelings?

LOVE is amazing
To have a feeling about anything is a big part of many people life. Everybody have both positive and negative feelings in life. The most beautiful feelings is that when you really can show your feelings to other people.
To be in love, for example, is something you perhaps only have one time in life. But in that big moment are you actually feel like the happiest person in the whole wide world! It's a huge positive feeling who is in your body. And this feeling goes trough the body back and forth million times when you see or are touched by this person. You just want to be with this person every day and every night. You allmost forget everything. Can't stand up, be couse your heart are beating so fast. You are in the middle of an extraordinary thing, that I call LOVE!

For me is real love that you can keep your feelings for this person whether you're married with or have a relationship with. To live life long with your partner is what I call for a big truth promise.
If your married, and made this huge promise to your partner and can hold it to the day you die. Well, then you have done a miracle. One more who everyone can trust, and me thereself with. If you are such a person you should have the biggest honor.

That is the person I am looking for. The right person in my life. One person I can trust in every perfect, diffrent and strange days. Yeah, in allmost every day I will hear the truth in every word you say.

If you show me your feeling, I show you mine...

Can you see the love between this two people?
Well, perhaps they are just best friends or are a real couple, it's beautiful eather way...

Now I am going to eat dinner with my sweet family, so see you next time!! PEACEE!!


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