Chinese Cinderella

Just right now i've finished the book "Chinese Cinderella" of "Adeline Yen Mah". I chose the book for my english book in school. Until now i've actually never read an english book. After i've read it I just can't understand why i havn't done it before.
This book was actually the best book I've ever read. Even though I'm not perfect in english. Some word were unfamiliar, but did figured out what it was if I read the whole sentence.

The author writes a selfbiography, about her life form the day she was born til she was fourteen. She also explain how the chinese call each other in the family.
She has four bigger siblings, one sister and three brothers. In chinese they call'em; "Big Sister" or "First Doughter", then "Big Brother" or " First Son". Then comes "Second Brother/Son", "Third Brother/Son".
And after thier fathers remarriage, they got two more siblings, called "Fourth Brother/Son and "Little Sister/Daughter"... So Adeline Yen Mah is the fifth child and called "Second Sister".
In the book she tells us that the word "Grandfather" is called "Ye Ye" in chinese.
She also describe the word in chinese and in chinese signs, whom I have forgotten in this time.

About the book
This book is about an unwanted daughter whom is disloved by her parents, and her siblings blame her for cousing their mothers death. Becouse the mother died a few days after giving birth to her.
A couple of years later their father remarried with a woman, who comes from france and is half chinese. Then they moved to Shanghai. The children did not like their new stepmother, becouse she had the very highest order in the house. Their new mother and their father got two more children, whom is very loved by them.
Adeline, the writer and the little unwanted dauther, hated to be at home. Just that she were disloved by her siblings and she couldn't do what she wanted to. But she loved her school, most thing in the world. The teachers loved her and her ability to speak and write. And her schoolmates love her of her kindness, and later she will become the leader and classpresident of her school.
But then, her parants deside that they have to move her to another school in "Taijin". All by herself in a school of nuns and so on. A few month later the communist took over and the other pupils are escaping from taijin, to not fall in prison. (This is the centry in the secound world war).
She were alone again in the whole school and there she wrote a play and sent it in to a big competition in China. She wrote it to her grandfather who also belive in her and her ability of school. But a few days later, her Ye Ye died, coused by his diabetes.
After she wrote and had sent it, her stepaunt picked her up there in school to take her to her parents.
After a few mounth, her father read the newspaper, and directly called Adeline to his office.
She was scared, and thought that she have done something wrong. But then she did come in, her father had unexpectly a wide smile on his lips and said that he was very very proud of her, of her play she wrote on her last school she went. He has read it in the paper, that she had won the competition. She was filled with happiness of the winning, but she was more happy about that her father were proud and happy of her.
In that beautiful moment, she had the courage to ask her father if she could study on the university in England.
And she did. (Girls are usualy not entering university in China)

I write this contribution in english becouse the book is in english, so I thought is would be a great practise to learn english.

I love this book, to read it makes me feel both sad and happy, when she describe how her parents show their disloveness adn when she have friends she trust end when her aunt show her love to her.
I really recommend this book to they who loves to read sad true stories. The author can really show her sadness she had been trough.

The little girl on the books front page is Adeline Yen Mah.

Now am I going out for a afternoon walk in the cold autumn. I wish you all beautiful evening! PEACEE!


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