In five weeks I have study Japanese in the university here in Östersund. It is very exciting and I just want to learn more and more each day I wake up. We always learn new things every tuesday, and we've actually gone further than them in my real school (those who study chinese). I am going to show you what we've learned in our lessons.
It's as a matter of fact very easy, specially for those who really want to learn japanese. We've gone through almost every sign in "Hiragana". It's just the signs of how you speak particular words left, and then we start on "Katakana" signs. Then after all course we have to know how to read and write "kanji" signs, and that's the diffucult part starting.

Here comes some natural phrases:

Ohayoo (gozaimasu) = Good morning
Kon nichi wa = Hello
Kon ban wa = Good evening
Oyasumi nasai = Good night
Sayoo nara = Good bye (for long)
Arigatoo (gozaimasu) = Thank you (very much)
Omedetoo (gozaimasu) = Congratulations
Itadaki masu = Thanks for the food (before dinner)
Goshisoo sama = Thanks for the food (after dinner)
Itte kimasu = Good bye (leaving)
Itte rassyai = Good bye (stay)
Tadaima = "I'm home!"
Okaeri (nasai) = Welcome home
Rassyai = Welcome

I hope you will enjoy the phrases until I come with sentences...

This is a picture of Mount Fuji, a temple and the Fuji-village. And of course Cherry Blooms, in japanese; Sakura Ki...

Now am I going to eat some dinner. ITTE KIMASU!


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